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Sales: 847-470-2330
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Parts: 847-470-2308
Acura TLX

Acura Service Department in Morton Grove, IL


Brake System Inspection, New Brake Pads, Brake Fluid & ABS Service

What’s your favorite function of your vehicle? Personally, one of our favorites is the brakes. Having your brakes in perfect condition and healthy is one of the things we value most about the ability of our service team. A lot goes into the functionality of your brakes that often get overshadowed by their function – braking. However, our team at Morton Grove Acura takes into consideration everything about the brakes that makes them work how they should with our detailed brake services.



Brake System Services

Brake Inspection Icon

Brake Inspection

During our brake inspection, our technicians take a deep look by checking out the brake pad thickness, calipers, and drums to check out its health and by getting a feel for how well or poorly your brakes work overall. If your brake pads are too thin, stopping will take longer and you’re also likely at risk of brake malfunction or failure.

Brake Fluid Exchange Icon

Brake Fluid Exchange

A brake fluid service involves our team testing the brake fluid for its basic function – to, in short, make your vehicle stop. If your brake fluid is too low, dirty, or leaking then you are at risk for brake failure.

ABS Service Icon

ABS Service

Anti-Lock Braking System – this helps to prevent your tires from locking up during instances where you are stopping abruptly and helps your tires to maintain contact with the road. Driving with your ABS light on is never safe. On top of it helping your tires not lock up and keep contact with the road, it also helps your car to stay in control when braking on slippery roads.

Brake Pad Replacement Icon

Brake Pad Replacement

When your brake pads are recommended to be replaced, for obvious reasons, it isn’t something to be put off. How to know if it’s time to replace your brake pads?
- Leaking fluid near brakes
- You notice your car pulls to one side while braking
- Squealing noises when braking


Brake Maintenance at McGrath Acura of Morton Grove

More often, you should think about what goes into making your brakes work reliably. Our team of professional technicians works hard to accurately check off all the boxes necessary when you bring your car in for brake services. The next time you think it’s time for your brakes to be inspected or you just notice them maybe not performing as well as they should, let our team at McGrath Acura of Morton Grove take a look. 




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